62/62 Sold

Tickets sold out for Mystery box- 200 Euro Value

We are running our second ever Mystery box after having a very successful first box its time for our second one. from retro games, new games, collectable statues, t-shirts, collectable cards, pops, Gaming merch, keyrings, all things nerdy and gaming. 5 numbers per person only, please :) Just answer our question and purchase your number and when we sell out we will do a live draw on our VIP group or youtube channel, keep an eye on the Facebook page for more details.

Tickets Sold
Name Ticket
Jason Blade 31
Diarmuid Shuel 32
80sPaul 33
Karen buckley 34
Alan 35
Jason Blade 36
Chris Somers 37
Carl Tecklenborg 38
Paul Prendergast 39
Paul Prendergast 40